Who is Emma J.?

I am a daughter and a mother. A wife and a friend, and a therapist.

Some consider me a doctor, although I haven’t been given a piece of paper to confer this…the results are still the same for them.  (Thank you).

I am a professor without tenure. (Thanks Jai)

I am a seeker of knowledge, a professional student of sorts.

I am inconsistent, but constantly loveable.

I am on a journey of finding my purpose, yet living on purpose, anxiously waiting for the next big surprise that is around the corner!

I am feisty, yet sensitive.  Honest yet warm.

I am a spiritual empath, psychic on some days, intuitive on most.

I am a secret introvert, yet handle social gatherings with effortless excitement.

I am a Cancer, a homebody, and love good food.

I get sad, but mostly get happy…

I get excited, giddy, and squeemish

I get jealous, I get insecure, I get angry. I’m Human.

I am a critical thinker on most occasions, and a hopeful optimist on others.

I love life, and life loves me back…I know this and I feel it, and I am thankful.

I am thankful for you, whoever this is reading these words I pour from my soul…inconsistently of course. (Just me)

This is my life – unscripted, unplanned, yet embraced. Come on in…have a seat.


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